A stylish and artistic toaster of the highest order, Lester Bullock aka Dillinger is long considered one of the pioneering stars of the 70s deejay idiom along with Dennis Alcapone, Big Youth, Prince Jazzbo, I Roy and Lizzy; and  a big crowd favourite anytime he hits any stage, anywhere …. and he proved this in no uncertain terms at the January, 2016 staging of Startime.

He was a extremely pleasant surprise on his Startime debut at Mas Camp, using the large stage as if he owned it, reassured in himself; and captivating the large audience with his antics and hits from his catalogue including C.B. 200, Plantation Heights, Ragnampaiza,  Gi Mi Little Loving, Natty BSC, the War Is Over, Eastman Skank, Caymanas Park, Natty Ten To One, Natty Kung Fu  and Talk About Love/First The Girl.

Dillinger has promised – in no uncertain terms – to come out firing on all musical cylinders inside The Verandah, Clarendon Park to the benefit of the large Startime audience expected on Saturday July 2.

Take the Startime Knutsford Express shuttle to Clarendon Park July 2 … call 971-1822 for details …. NDILLINGERot to be missed !!

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