Sponsors’ Site Meeting

Sponsors’ Site Meeting

Set up/Branding:

Dates:   Thursday July 6, 10am – 4pm – Outdoor
Friday July 7, 9am – 6pm

Please note set up and branding times must be strictly adhered to – no exceptions. Absolutely no branding will be allowed inside the Arena on Saturday July 8.  Bars will be set up and ready for branding by 2 pm Friday July 7.

  • The Arena must be totally cleared by 8 pm Friday  July 7.
  • Sponsors entrance – For branding, use main gates    3 / 4 depending on Security.
  • Sponsors  – Gate #3 on Saturday for Startime with corresponding pass;  and parking will be in the cordoned off area (4A) between the stadium and the pool.
  • Shuttle bus will be available right outside 4A.
  • Production / Service Vehicles – Enter gate #3 (main), then gate 3A, and park at the side between the netball court and the Arena.  All production vehicles remaining on site must park In the Production parking area.
  • Artists:  For Soundcheck etc … enter gate #3, then drive through gate 3A and park backstage – enter Arena through backstage entrance
  • On Sarurday passes will be taken from vehicle at Gate #3A on entry to the parking area and returned to the vehicle when departing the area.
  • Stage side areas are reserved for JTB,  Kool 97FM,  Audi,  Jamaica Observer,  Christar Villas Hotel and General Paintings Ltd.   Shields & Shields can brand their 2 floral decorations on stage. Singer can brand their areas.
  • Repeater board with all logos will list all sponsors and placed strategically in the VIP section.
  • Sponsors can provide 2 pieces of bunting of a light 3ft by 2 ft sign to stragically be pinned onto curtain by our decorator.
  • L.E.D Backdrop will provide all other on-stage advertising i.e.
  • Product name & slogan
  • Address and Tel. # where applicable
  • 15 sec. commercial of major sponsors can be played twice 6 – 8:30 pm and once during intermission. Commercial must be provided on CD or thumb drive.
  • Chung’s Catering Service is our exclusive food concessionaire downstairs and Nancy Mclean and Sheila & Nigel Woolett of Irie Foods Caribbean will share upstairs. A food court will be created upstairs behind stage.
  • All liquor and food will have to be purchased from the bars and food stalls and a bartender and waitress will be assigned to the 3rd floor.   Please advise Michael Barnett as early as possible if you will need product to be pre-placed in your box and a waitress in your box by Tuesday July 4, 2017.

Contact:  Michael Barnett (845-9024 / 544-3324).

  • Security for the box holders must be arranged with Securipro (Mr. Winston Barnes – 361-1361) and our Operations Manager Winston Carty (382-6956) and confirmed by Tuesday July 4, 2017, 2017.

Comp tickets

  • All tickets wiil sent to sponsors on or by Monday Juky 3, 2017.
  • Additional tickets are available to our partners for purchase up to show date for a discounted fee of VIP $5,500 each, Gen. Adm $2,500

Contact:  Michael Barnett (845-9024/544-3324)

Tracey-Ann Johnson (816-7049)


  • Our Partners will be given an allotment of Sponsors’ parking passes. These will allow you easy access through Gate #3 (the parking lot’s easternmost gate).
  • There is a little walk back to the front of the venue and entry will be through the presold entrance.
  • A NO RE-ENTRY policy is being strictly enforced for Startime, except in cases of emergency, however to re-enter the venue, you will need to show your ticket stub and the UV stamp you will receive on exiting.
  • Any entry issues or questions on Startime night, please call:

Michael Barnett – Promoter – 544-3324
Kenric Davis – Startime Consultant – 995-2345
Herman Athias – Startime Consultant – 995-0581
Winston Carty – Operations Manager  382-6956
Winston Barnes – Securipro Manager (361-1361) Tracey-Ann Johnson – 816-7049

Electrical Needs

– Mr. Vincent Foreman (817-6363) will be responsible for all electrical aspects of Startime, inside and outside of the venue. Please direct all requirements to him.

Initially,  all current venue lighting will be checked especially late evening to identify what is working and what is’nt.


VIP and Gen. Entrance :

  1. 20 x 20
  2. 20 x 10
  3. 10 x 10
  • Lights
  • Electric sockets
  • Tables /chairs



  • More than adequate security will be utilized on Startime night ….
  • 2 parking and checking vehicles
  • (requesting one mobile patrol for Sponsors / Artists parking)
  • One large portable spotlight each will be placed in Artists and Sponsors parking lot.
  • Approximately ____ security guards outside and inside the venue, Including 2 mobile in the main parking lots
  • 8  large portable spotlights will be placed all parking areas.
  • Policemen will also be on duty directing traffic on Arthur Wint Drive and in the venue (powers of arrest).

Final site visit Tuesday  July 4, 2017,  2 pm (will be confirmed by email.


Thank you all for coming !!