The man with the one of the most distinctive voices in reggae music, Horace Hinds aka Horace Andy, affectionately called “Sleepy”, and known to the musical world for original hit songs like “Skylarking”, “Girl A Love You”, “Mr. Bassie”, “Fever” and “See A Man’s Face” is set to make his second appearance on the Startime stage at Mas Camp on January 9, and the Startime ‘fever’ is running high in anticipation.
Horace’s first and only Startime appearance was in 2004, when the Mas Camp was located on Oxford Road, and many of the Startime legion of fans still remember his phenomenal perfomance backed by the ‘Startime Orchestra’ Lloyd Parks & We the People.
Horace could do no wrong and it was hit after hit during his 40 minutes performance that left his fans clamouring for more.
Well more is about to be delivered come Saturday January 9, as Horace who is currently on a European tour with his British-based group Massive Attack returns to Jamaica and the Startime stage for this long-awaited, highly-anticipated encore performance.
It is going to be pandemonium inside the Mas Camp !!
Horace Andy born 19 February 1951, is a lovers rock and roots reggae songwriter and singer, who recorded his first single “This is a Black Man’s Country” in 1967 for producer Phil Pratt, however it wouldn’t be until 1970 that he achieved a breakthrough.
After unsuccessfully auditioning at Coxsone Dodd’s Studio One as a duo along with Frank Melody; he successfully auditioned on his own a few days later, and Dodd decided Hinds should record as Horace Andy, partly to capitalise on the popularity of Bob Andy, and partly to avoid comparisons with his cousin Justin Hinds, with whom his singing style at the time showed a resemblance. “Got To Be Sure (Of A Woman’s Love)”, the song he had auditioned with, became his first release for Studio One, and the rest is history !!
The following years saw the release of a slew of Studio One classics …. “See a Man’s Face”, “Fever”, and “Mr. Bassie”. One of Andy’s most enduring songs “Skylarking”, “Something on My Mind”, “Love of a Woman”, “Just Say Who”, and “Every Tongue Shall Tell”, “Eternal Love” and “Where Do The Children Play”; as well as singles for other producers such as “Lonely Woman” (for Derrick Harriott), “World In My Arms” and “Girl I Love You” (Ernest and Joseph Hoo Kim’s Channel One).
More hits included “Love You to Want Me” and “Delilah” (Gussie Clarke), Till and Don’t Go (Please Stay) for Vincent “Randy” Chin, “Bless You and “You Are My Angel” (Bunny Lee) and “Money The Root Of All Evil” (Phil Pratt).
Horace’s career received a major boost in the late 90s, when he was invited to become lead singer for the British-based hip hop group Massive Attack, and he has achieved several platinum selling world-wide hits with the group and tours non stop.
He is one of the most requested artists for Startime, and due to his very busy touring schedule, Michael Barnett had to pull out all stops to book him for January 9, a major accomplishment in itself; and his undeniable brilliance will be on show once again after 11 years, when he steps onto the Startime stage to thrill his fans and music lovers with his unique voice and ever-popular repertoire, guaranteed to have the fans singing along and begging for more.
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