Two 70s Reggae Giants For Startime Clarendon July 2!!

Two of the pioneering 70s reggae giants set to thrill the Juici Patties Clarendon Park Startime massive are Johnny ‘Hit-Machine’ Clarke and Horace ‘Sleepy’ Andy, known for their distinctive vocal styles and hit-filled catalogues that can sometimes cause pandemonium with audiences – like the January 9 Mas Camp Startime – when Horace performs songs like Skylarking, Fever, See A Man’s Face, Delilah, Bless You, Lonely Woman, Girl A Love You, Just Say Who, Eternal Love, Every Tongue Shall Tell, Don’t Go (Please Stay) and I May Never See My Baby Anymore.

Horace also happens to be the lead vocalist for the British mega-group Massive Attack, and their extensive touring schedule does’nt afford him to be in Jamaica often; so this is another rare opportunity for his Jamaican fans to see him again before he heads off to Europe.
Horace enjoyed a highly charged and well-received set at Mas Camp and his thousands of fans – especially the ladies – were in ecstacy !! and already are claiming that he will steal the show at Clarendon Park come Saturday July 2.

During the height of Startime’s popularity, Johnny Clarke was dubbed the ‘hit machine’ by promoter Michael Barnett because according to Barnett, “that’s exactly what he was in his heyday – a hit factory – and the very first time he performed on Startime way back in the 90s, he came, he saw, he conquered as the hits flowed … Everyday You Wondering, None Shall Escape The Judgement, Enter His Gates With Praise, Let Go Violence, Left With A Broken Heart, Fancy Make Up, It’s True, True Believer In Love, Move Out Of Babylon Rastaman and Rock With Me Baby.

Johnny gave a brilliant performance to close the Mas Camp Startime January 9, and the most amazing thing was the fact that the Startime massive waited to the very end for him …. and it was more than well worth the wait.

His upcoming Juici Patties Clarendon Park Startime performance will definitely be one of the highlights of this action-packed line up, and his many fans will be coming from far and wide to enjoy another thrilling Johnny Clarke Startime performance in Clarendon Park on July 2.

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