DJ Dennis Alcapone

Like Derrick Morgan, Dennis Smith aka Dennis Alcapone was born in Clarendon – a parish steeped in music history – and he was greatly influenced by Daddy U Roy after starting his sound system El Paso in 1969;  rising to the top due to his deejaying skills. He became the first deejay after U Roy to enjoy immense success on record and the first to challenge U Roy’s dominance. 

During the 70s Alcapone had massive hits with many Jamaican producers, toasting with his half-sung, half spoken lyrics over classic rhythms; and his Teach The Children  is still used in Jamaica today to promote school programmes.  Other Alcapone favourites include  Mosquito One,  No. 1 Station,  Love Is Not A Gamble,  Rock To The Beat,  Wake Up Jamaica,  The Great Woogie,   DJ’s Choice (all for Treasure Isle),  Ripe Cherry,   Fever Teaser,  King Of The Track,  Picture Or No Picture,  It Must Come,  Alpha & Omega and Power Version  … all featuring well-known original songs and rhythms; and in 1971  Alcapone was voted Jamaica’s top DJ by the then popular Swing Magazine.

When Alcapone migrated to England in 1974, he had recorded over 200 singles and 3 albums, of which Forever Version (for Studio One) is considered a timeless classic. He continued his successful career, mainly focused on building his status in the European maeket, where he toured extensively.

He returned to Jamaica in 2004 and performed on the then Heineken Startime at Mas Camp Oxford Road – his first Jamaica performance since migrating; and he will return once again to create musical rapture inside Kingston’s National Arena on    July 8.